New Jersey Revised Statutes § 9:2-11 - Commitment Of Child To Child Caring Society; Cost Of Proceedings; Consent To Adoption Of Child; Support By Relative

9:2-11. Commitment of child to child caring society; cost of proceedings; consent to adoption of child; support by relative
The court before which such proceedings shall be conducted, may, in the same manner but in lieu of committing such child, as in section 9:2-10 of this Title specified, commit such child to the care and custody of any society duly incorporated under the laws of this State for the care of children. In such case the court may, in its discretion, cause the person in whose custody such child was, or the county in which such child may reside, to pay all costs and expenses of such proceedings, and such person or society or institution to whom or to which such child is committed may, upon special authority granted in the order or judgment of commitment, give his or its consent, and such consent will be sufficient, to the legal adoption of such child; provided, however , that the granting of the right to consent to adoption shall in no wise be construed as authority to place a child for adoption except in accordance with the provisions of chapter three of this Title (s. 9:3-1 et seq.).

Whenever the court shall have made an order or judgment with respect to the care and custody of a child as contemplated by this Title, and it shall appear that the person in whose custody such child was is a relative financially able and legally liable to provide support for such child, the court may make a supplementary order requiring such relative to make such payment or payments for the support of such child as the court may deem reasonable under the circumstances.

Amended by L.1948, c. 321, p. 1298, s. 9; L.1949, c. 245, p. 786, s. 3; L.1953, c. 9, p. 73, s. 8.

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