New York Cooperative Corporations Law Article 8 - REPEALS AND SAVINGS CLAUSES

  • 130 - Constitutionality.
    If any portion of this chapter shall be declared unconstitutional for any reason, the remaining portions shall not be affected thereby.
  • 131 - Laws Repealed.
    Chapter two hundred and thirty-one of the laws of nineteen hundred and twenty-six, entitled "An act relating to cooperative corporations, constituting chapter seventy-seven of the...
  • 132 - Existing Actions.
    Any action or proceeding begun before this chapter takes effect, under or pursuant to any section, article or act repealed by this chapter, may be...
  • 133 - Existing Cooperative Corporations or Associations.
    A cooperative corporation or association heretofore formed under or subject to a law repealed by this chapter or under article three of the business corporations...
  • 134 - When to Take Effect.
    This act shall take effect immediately.

Last modified: February 3, 2019