New York Executive Law Section 356 - State veterans' service agency.

356. State veterans' service agency. 1. A state veterans' service agency established by the division pursuant to this article shall have power and it shall be its duty to inform military and naval authorities of the United States and assist members of the armed forces and veterans, who are residents of this state, and their families, in relation to (1) matters pertaining to educational training and retraining services and facilities, (2) health, medical and rehabilitation services and facilities, (3) provisions of federal, state and local laws and regulations affording special rights and privileges to members of the armed forces and war veterans and their families, (4) employment and re-employment services, and (5) other matters of similar, related or appropriate nature. The state veterans' service agency also shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the state director.

2. The state director may, with the approval of the governor, appoint and remove a director of the state veterans' service agency. The state director may from time to time establish, alter or abolish state veterans' service agency districts within the state, establish or abolish offices therefor, and appoint and at pleasure remove a deputy director of the state veterans' service agency for each such district office. With the approval of the state director, the director of the veterans' service agency may appoint such officers, consultants, clerks and other employees as may be necessary to administer the functions of the state veterans' service agency, fix their compensation within the limitation provided by law, and prescribe their duties.

Last modified: February 3, 2019