New York Executive Law Section 354-A - Information on status of veterans receiving assistance.

354-a. Information on status of veterans receiving assistance. Departments, divisions, bureaus, boards, commissions and agencies of the state and political subdivisions thereof, which provide assistance, treatment, counseling, care, supervision or custody in service areas involving health, mental health, family services, criminal justice or employment, including but not limited to the office of alcoholism and substance abuse services, office of mental health, office of probation and correctional alternatives, office of children and family services, office of temporary and disability assistance, department of health, department of labor, local workforce investment boards, office for people with developmental disabilities, and department of corrections and community supervision, shall request assisted persons to provide information with regard to their veteran status and military experiences. Individuals identifying themselves as veterans shall be advised that the division of veterans' affairs and local veterans' service agencies established pursuant to section three hundred fifty-seven of this article provide assistance to veterans regarding benefits under federal and state law. Information regarding veterans status and military service provided by assisted persons solely to implement this section shall be protected as personal confidential information under article six-A of the public officers law against disclosure of confidential material, and used only to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, assessment and handling of the veteran's problems within the agency requesting such information and in referring the veteran to the division of veterans' affairs for information and assistance with regard to benefits and entitlements under federal and state law.

Last modified: February 3, 2019