New York General Business Law Section 89-DDD - Application for licenses.

89-ddd. Application for licenses. 1. Application for a license required under this article shall be in writing, subscribed by the applicant under oath, and in the form prescribed by the secretary, and shall contain the following:

a. The exact name and the address of the applicant and its date of incorporation or organization, as applicable;

b. The name and the business and residential address of each principal and officer of the applicant;

c. The complete address where the business of the applicant is to be conducted, showing the street and number, if any, post office and building and room number, if any, the office building and room number, if any, and the municipality and county;

d. If the applicant has one or more branches, subsidiaries or affiliates operating in the state, the complete address of each such place of business; and

e. A complete set of two fingerprint cards for each principal and officer of the applicant on a standard fingerprint card approved by the division and a fee pursuant to subdivision eight-a of section eight hundred thirty-seven of the executive law, and amendments thereto, for the cost of the division's full search and retain procedures, which fee shall be remitted by the department to the division for deposit by the comptroller into the general fund. Before approving such application the secretary, or his or her designee, shall forward one copy of such fingerprint card and the processing fee to the division upon receipt of such fingerprints. The division shall forward to the secretary a report with respect to the applicant's previous criminal history, if any, or a statement that the applicant has no previous criminal history according to its files. Upon the written request of an armored car carrier, the secretary shall require each principal and officer of the applicant to submit to an additional fingerprint check by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and to remit the appropriate fee therefor. If additional copies of fingerprints are required the applicant shall furnish them upon request.

2. Upon original application for a license to operate as an armored car carrier, the applicant shall pay an application fee in the amount of three hundred dollars. Upon application for a license renewal, the licensee shall pay a renewal processing fee in the amount of three hundred dollars.

Last modified: February 3, 2019