New York Partnership Law Section 121-801 - Nonjudicial dissolution.

121-801. Nonjudicial dissolution. A limited partnership is dissolved and its affairs shall be wound up upon the happening of the first to occur of the following:

(a) at the time, if any, provided in the certificate of limited partnership;

(b) at the time or upon the happening of events specified in the partnership agreement;

(c) subject to any requirement in the partnership agreement requiring approval by any greater or lesser percentage of limited partners and general partners, upon the written consent (1) of all of the general partners and (2) of a majority in interest of each class of limited partners;

(d) an event of withdrawal of a general partner unless (1) at the time there is at least one other general partner and the partnership agreement permits the business of the limited partnership to be carried on by the remaining general partner and that partner does so, or (2) unless the partnership agreement provides otherwise, if within ninety days after the withdrawal of the last general partner, not less than a majority in interest of the limited partners agree in writing to continue the business of the limited partnership and to the appointment, effective as of the date of withdrawal, of one or more additional general partners if necessary or desired; or

(e) entry of a decree of judicial dissolution under section 121-802 of this article.

(f) a limited partnership whose original certificate of limited partnership was filed with the secretary of state and effective prior to the effective date of this subdivision shall continue to be governed by this section as in effect on such date and shall not be governed by this section, unless otherwise provided in the partnership agreement.

Last modified: February 3, 2019