New York Public Health Law Section 1305 - Nuisances; abatement by local boards of health.

1305. Nuisances; abatement by local boards of health. 1. The owners, agents and occupants of any premises shall permit sanitary examinations and inspections to be made pursuant to the provisions of this article.

2. If the owner or occupant of any premises whereon any nuisance or condition deemed to be detrimental to the public health exists or the cause of the existence elsewhere, fails to comply with any order or regulation of any local board or health officer having the power of a local board of health for the suppression and removal of any such nuisance or other matter, in the judgment of the board or health officer detrimental to the public health, made, served or posted as required in this article, such board or its agents or employees may enter upon the premises to which such order or regulation relates, and suppress or remove such nuisance or other matter.

Last modified: February 3, 2019