New York Religious Corporations Law Section 325 - Corporate meetings.

325. Corporate meetings. 1. The trustees of an incorporated United Methodist church shall be elected at the annual corporate meeting which shall be held at the time and place fixed by the by-laws, if such time and place be so fixed, and otherwise at a time and place to be fixed by its trustees. A special corporate meeting of any such church may be called by the board of trustees thereof, on its own motion or on the written request of at least ten qualified voters of such church. The trustees shall cause notice of the time and place of the annual corporate meeting therein specifying the name of any trustees, whose successors are to be elected thereat, and, if a special meeting, specifying the business to be transacted thereat, to be given at each of the two next preceding regular meetings of such incorporated church for public worship, at least one week apart, at morning service, if such service be held, on Sunday, if Sunday be the day for such regular meetings, or if no such public worship be held during such period, by conspicuously posting such notice in writing upon the outer entrance to the principal place of worship of such church. Such notice shall be given by the district superintendent, the pastor, the officiating minister or an officer of the church.

2. At such a corporate meeting the following persons, and no other, shall be qualified voters for the election of trustees, to wit: all persons who are full members of such church in good and regular standing. The members present at any duly announced meeting shall constitute a quorum. Each action of the meeting upon any matter or question shall be decided by a majority of the qualified voters present and voting thereon. At such a meeting the district superintendent or the pastor shall preside, or in the absence of both or in case of either or both declining to preside, any qualified voter may be elected to preside. The presiding officer of the meeting shall receive the votes, be the judge of qualifications of voters subject to appeal to the vote of the members present whose qualifications as voters are not challenged, and declare the result of the votes cast on any matter.

3. Election of trustees at the annual corporate meeting shall be by written individual ballot and on a majority vote. Such trustees shall be of full age and each election shall provide that at least two-thirds of the board of trustees shall be members of The United Methodist Church. The trustees shall be elected for a term of three years or until their successors have been duly elected, provided that one-third shall be elected each year.

Last modified: February 3, 2019