New York Religious Corporations Law Section 330 - Powers and duties of trustees.

330. Powers and duties of trustees. 1. The trustees of an incorporated United Methodist church shall have the custody and control of all the temporalities and property belonging to the corporation and of the revenues from such property, and shall administer the same in accordance with the discipline, rules and usages of The United Methodist Church, and with the provisions of law relating thereto, for the support and maintenance of the corporation or providing the members thereof at a corporate meeting thereof shall so authorize, of some religious, charitable or benevolent object, conducted by such church, or connected with it, or with The United Methodist Church, and they shall not use such property for any other purpose or divert the same from such uses.

2. The trustees shall be responsible to the charge conference of the church in a manner not inconsistent with any directions of a corporate meeting, and shall annually make a written report to the charge conference which report shall include the items required by the discipline of The United Methodist Church.

3. The trustees shall not prevent or interfere with the pastor or other duly authorized ministers of The United Methodist Church in the use of said property for religious services or other proper meetings recognized by the law and usage of The United Methodist Church.

Last modified: February 3, 2019