New York Social Services Law Section 145 - Penalties.

145. Penalties. 1. Any person who by means of a false statement or representation, or by deliberate concealment of any material fact, or by impersonation or other fraudulent device, obtains or attempts to obtain, or aids or abets any person to obtain public assistance or care to which he is not entitled, or does any wilful act designed to interfere with the proper administration of public assistance and care, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, unless such act constitutes a violation of a provision of the penal law of the state of New York, in which case he shall be punished in accordance with the penalties fixed by such law. Failure on the part of a person receiving public assistance or care to notify the social services official granting such assistance or care of the receipt of money or property or income from employment or any other source whatsoever, shall, upon the cashing of a public assistance check by or on behalf of such person after the receipt of such money, or property, or income, constitute presumptive evidence of deliberate concealment of a material fact. Whenever a social services official has reason to believe that any person has violated any provision of this section, he shall promptly refer the facts and evidence available to him to the appropriate district attorney or other prosecuting official, who shall immediately evalaute the facts and evidence and take appropriate action.

2. The provisions of subdivision one of this section shall apply to social services officials and employees, who shall also be subject to removal and shall be liable in an action brought by the county or city, or by the state commissioner of social services, for the value of the public assistance improperly granted to any person as a result of the wilful wrongful act of such official or employee.

Last modified: February 3, 2019