New York Transportation Law Section 108 - Distribution of cars.

108. Distribution of cars. 1. Every common carrier engaged in the transportation of property shall, upon reasonable notice, furnish to all persons and corporations who may apply therefor, and offer property for transportation, sufficient and suitable cars for the transportation of such property in car-load lots. Every railroad company and street railroad company shall have sufficient cars and motive power to meet all requirements for the transportation of passengers and property which may reasonably be anticipated, unless relieved therefrom by order of the commissioner. In case, at any particular time, a common carrier has not sufficient cars to meet all requirements for the transportation of property in car-load lots, all cars available to it for such purposes shall be distributed among the several applicants therefor, without discrimination between shippers, localities or competitive or non-competitive points, but preference may always be given in the supply of cars for shipment of live-stock or perishable property.

2. The commissioner shall have power to make, and by order shall make, reasonable regulations for the furnishing and distribution of freight cars to shippers, for the switching of the same, for the loading and unloading thereof, for demurrage charges in respect thereto, and for the weighing of cars and property offered for shipment or transported by any common carrier.

Last modified: February 3, 2019