New York Transportation Law Section 112 - Routing of shipments by shipper of goods.

112. Routing of shipments by shipper of goods. In all cases where at the time of the delivery of property to a common carrier, for transportation subject to the provisions of this chapter, to any point of destination, between which and the point of such delivery for shipment two or more through routes shall exist, the person, firm or corporation making such shipment shall have the right to designate in writing by which of such routes such property shall be transported to destination, and it shall thereupon be the duty of the initial carrier to route such property and issue a through bill of lading therefor as so directed, and to transport such property over its own line or lines and deliver the same to the connecting carrier by rail or water, and it shall be the duty of such connecting carrier to receive such property and transport it over such line or lines and deliver the same to the next succeeding carrier or consignee according to the routing instructions of such bill of lading, provided that nothing in this section shall be construed to make a common carrier liable for injury to or loss of goods in transit on the line of another carrier. The shipper shall in all instances have the right to determine where competing lines of railroad or of carriers by water constitute portions of a through line or route, over which of said competing lines so constituting a portion of such through line or route his freight shall be transported. The commissioner shall have the power to make such reasonable exceptions and regulations as he may determine and shall have power to enforce the above provisions. Where the route adopted by the shipper is by rail and water lines, some of which have no physical connection, the property carried shall be delivered at the point on the route where the transfer is to take place by the initial or succeeding carrier to an agent of the connecting carrier.

Last modified: February 3, 2019