New York Workers' Compensation Law Section 124 - Reporting.

124. Reporting. 1. The chair shall prescribe the form and format for the collection and dissemination of information and data as the administration of this chapter requires. In the event the proper format requires the submission of a complete paper document, the chair shall have distributed such blank forms, including forms of notice and claims and forms for processing injury, death, medical or other attendance or treatment, employment or wage earnings as are necessary.

2. Insurance carriers shall constantly keep on hand, at their own expense, a sufficient supply of such forms or, in the event of electronic transfer, be responsible for all charges associated with transmission of such information.

3. Nothing stated above shall preclude the chair from requiring the submission or dissemination of notices or reports in an electronic or typed form, with the exact format to be prescribed by the chair.

Last modified: February 3, 2019