New York Workers' Compensation Law Section 13-F - Payment of medical fees.

13-f. Payment of medical fees. (1) Fees for medical services shall be payable only to a physician or other qualified person permitted by sections thirteen-b, thirteen-k, thirteen-l and thirteen-m of this chapter or other authorized provider of health care under the education law or the public health law permitted to render medical care or treatment under this chapter, or to the agent, executor or administrator of the estate of such physician or such other qualified person. Except as provided in section thirteen-d of this chapter, no provider of health care rendering medical care or treatment to a compensation claimant, shall collect or receive a fee from such claimant within this state, but shall have recourse for payment of services rendered only to the employer under the provisions of this chapter. Any compensation claimant who pays a fee to a provider of health care for medical care or treatment under this chapter shall have a cause of action against such provider of health care for the recovery of the money paid, which cause of action may be assigned to the chair in trust for the assigning claimant. All such assignments shall run to the chair. The chair may sue the physician, or other authorized provider of health care as herein described on the assigned cause of action with the benefits and subject to the provisions of existing law applying to such actions by the claimant himself or herself. Hospitals shall not be entitled to receive the remuneration paid to physicians on their staff for medical and surgical services.

(2) Whenever his attendance at a hearing is required, the physician of the injured employee shall be entitled to receive a fee from the employer, or carrier, in an amount to be fixed by the board in addition to any fee payable under section eight thousand one of the civil practice law and rules.

Last modified: February 3, 2019