New York Workers' Compensation Law Section 210 - Employer contributions.

210. Employer contributions. 1. Every covered employer shall, on and after January first, nineteen hundred fifty, contribute the cost of providing disability benefits in excess of the contributions collected from his or her employees, to the extent and in the manner provided in this article.

2. The special contribution of each covered employer to the accumulation of funds to provide benefits for disabled unemployed shall be as provided in subdivision one of section two hundred fourteen of this article.

3. The contribution of every covered employer to the cost of providing disability benefits after June thirtieth, nineteen hundred fifty, shall be the excess of such cost over the amount of the contributions of his or her employees.

4. No profit shall be derived by any employer or association of employers or of employees from providing payment of disability and family leave benefits under this article. All funds representing contributions of employers and employees, and increments thereon, held by employers or associations of employers or of employees authorized or permitted to pay benefits under the provisions of this article, and by trustees paying benefits under plans or agreements meeting the requirements of section two hundred eleven of this article, shall be trust funds and shall be expended only to provide for the payment of benefits to employees and for the costs of administering this article and for the support of the fund established under section two hundred fourteen of this article.

Last modified: February 3, 2019