New York Workers' Compensation Law Section 24 - Costs and fees.

24. Costs and fees. If the court before which any proceedings for compensation or concerning an award of compensation have been brought, under this chapter, determine that such proceedings have not been so brought upon reasonable ground, it shall assess the cost of the proceedings upon the party who has so brought them. Claims of attorneys and counselors-at-law for legal services in connection with any claim arising under this chapter, and claims for services or treatment rendered or supplies furnished pursuant to subdivision (b) of section thirteen of this chapter, shall not be enforceable unless approved by the board. If so approved, such claim or claims shall become a lien upon the compensation awarded, and upon any moneys ordered paid under an award by the board into the special funds provided for in section fifteen, subdivision nine, and section twenty-five-a, and any other section of this chapter, but shall be paid therefrom only in the manner fixed by the board. Any other person, firm or corporation who shall exact or receive fee or gratuity for any services rendered on behalf of a claimant except in an amount determined by the board, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Any person, firm or corporation who shall solicit the business of appearing before the board on behalf of a claimant, or who shall make it a business to solicit employment for a lawyer in connection with any claim for compensation under this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. In case an award is affirmed upon an appeal to the appellate division, the same shall be payable with interest thereon from the date when said award was made by the board except as provided in section twenty-seven of this chapter.

Last modified: February 3, 2019