North Carolina General Statutes § 102-1 Name and description

The official survey base for the State of North Carolina shall be a system of plane coordinates to be known as the "North Carolina Coordinate System," said system being defined as a Lambert conformal projection of Clarke's spheroid of 1866, having a central meridian of 79-00' west from Greenwich and standard parallels of latitude of 34-20' and 36-10' north of the equator, along which parallels the scale shall be exact. All coordinates of the system are expressed in feet, the x coordinate being measured easterly along the grid and the y coordinate being measured northerly along the grid. The origin of the coordinates is hereby established on the meridian 79-00' west from Greenwich at the intersection of the parallels 33-45' north latitude, such origin being given the coordinates x=2,000,000 feet, y=0 feet. The precise position of said system shall be as marked on the ground by triangulation or traverse stations or monuments established in conformity with the standards adopted by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey for first-and second-order work, whose geodetic positions have been rigidly on the North American datum of 1927, and whose plane coordinates have been computed on the system defined. (1939, c. 163, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014