North Carolina General Statutes § 102-17 County projects eligible for assistance

All projects funded under this assistance program shall be described as conforming to one or more of the project outlines defined herein. All projects shall achieve a substantial measure of conformity with the objectives set forth in these project outlines such that a greater degree of statewide standardization of land records will result. The Secretary shall prepare and make available to all counties administrative regulations designed to assist the counties in preparing project plans and applications for assistance, and to assure compliance with the objectives and other requirements of G.S. 102-15, 102-16, and this section. County projects shall be eligible for assistance subject to availability of funds, compliance with administrative regulations, and conformity with one or more of the project outlines as follows:

(1)        Base Maps. - Preparation of accurate planimetric or orthophoto maps with countywide coverage at one or more scale ratios suitable as a base for the development and maintenance of current cadastral maps. These maps shall have additional information included where appropriate to increase their utility for other purposes. The formulation of technical standards and detailed specifications and the coordination of all such mapping projects with other State mapping programs shall be the responsibility of the Department of the Secretary of State. Insofar as possible mapping projects funded under this assistance program shall utilize existing photography, geodetic control surveys, and previously mapped information, and be coordinated or combined with adjacent or related mapping projects to achieve the best efficiency and economy consistent with the maintenance of high quality map production.

(2)        Cadastral Maps. - Preparation of accurate maps of all property boundaries together with other supporting information and based on up-to-date planimetric or orthophoto maps conforming to the specifications for base maps outlined in subdivision (1) of this section. The formulation of specifications and standards for these cadastral maps shall be the responsibility of the Department of the Secretary of State. These specifications and standards shall be designed to conform to the best acceptable practice for county land records in North Carolina. The cadastral maps shall be scheduled as nearly as possible to be completed and made available for the next revaluation cycle to be undertaken by each county and the maps shall include references to subdivision plat numbers, property codes, and other related information considered useful to the appraisal process or to the public generally.

(3)        Standardized Parcel Identifiers. - Adoption of a system of parcel identifiers which will serve to provide unique identification of each parcel of land, a permanent historical record of change and the chain of title, and any necessary cross-reference to other preexisting parcel identifiers. The proposed system of parcel identifiers shall conform to such minimum specifications and standards as may be promulgated by the Secretary for the purpose of achieving consistency and compatibility among all counties throughout the State. Said minimum specifications and standards for parcel identifier systems shall be adopted and administered by the Secretary only after consultation with the recommendation from an advisory committee on land records with a membership representative of professional organizations concerned with public land records and map making.

(4)        Automated Processing of Land Parcel Records. - Preparation and implementation of a system of automated record keeping and processing which will expedite the maintenance of accurate up-to-date files, improve the appraisal process, and facilitate analytical operations needed to respond to requirements for current information. Technical standards and minimum specifications shall be the joint responsibility of the Department of the Secretary of State, the Department of Revenue, and the Department of Cultural Resources. (1977, c. 771, s. 4; c. 1099, s. 1; 1985, c. 479, s. 165(c); 1989, c. 727, s. 218(37); 1997-443, s. 11A.119(a); 1999-119, s. 2.)

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