North Carolina General Statutes § 104E-10.3 Low-level radioactive waste facility access licenses

The Commission shall provide by regulation for the licensing of access to any low-level radioactive waste facility located in the State.  No person shall send waste to a low-level radioactive waste facility unless licensed or otherwise authorized to do so by the Department.  No low-level radioactive waste facility shall receive waste from any source not licensed by the Department except as may be otherwise specifically authorized by the Department.  Such regulations shall provide, at a minimum, for amendment, suspension, or revocation of licenses, and for authorization for access to a low-level radioactive waste facility by the Department on a temporary or emergency basis.  Each application for a license or amendment shall be in writing and shall include such information as may be required by regulation, and such additional information as the Department deems necessary.  The application for a license shall set forth the manner in which the applicant plans to comply with the requirements of this Chapter and regulations promulgated thereunder.  Upon receipt of an application under this section the Department shall review the application and shall issue a license only if it finds that the applicant is fully qualified under all applicable laws and regulation. (1987, c. 850, s. 9.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014