North Carolina General Statutes § 106-1001 Authority to render scientific forestry services

(a)        In this Article, unless the context requires otherwise:

(1)        "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Agriculture.

(2)        "Department" means the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

(b)        The Department is hereby authorized to designate, upon request, forest trees of forest landowners and forest operators for sale or removal, by blazing or otherwise, and to measure or estimate the volume of same under the terms and conditions hereinafter provided. The Department is also authorized to cooperate with landowners of the State and with counties, municipalities and State agencies by making available forestry services consisting of specialized equipment and operators, or by renting such equipment, and to perform such labor and services as may be necessary to carry out approved forestry practices, including site preparation, forest planting, prescribed burning, and other appropriate forestry practices. For such services or rentals, a reasonable fee representing the Commissioner's estimate of not less than the costs of such services or rentals shall be charged, provided however, when the Commissioner deems it in the public interest, said services may be provided without charge, for the purpose of encouraging the use of approved scientific forestry practice on the private or other forestlands within the State, or for the purpose of providing practical demonstrations of said practices. Receipts from these activities and rentals shall be credited to the budget of the Department for the furtherance of these activities.  (1947, c. 384, s. 1; 1969, c. 342, s. 3; c. 344; 1973, c. 1262, ss. 28, 86; 1977, c. 771, s. 4; 1989, c. 727, s. 95; 1997-443, s. 11A.119(a); 2011-145, s. 13.25(ee), (ff).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014