North Carolina General Statutes § 106-277.10 Exemptions

(a)        When the required analysis and other information regarding the seed is present on a seedman's label or tag which bears an official North Carolina seed stamp or is accompanied by the North Carolina seed analysis tag on which is written, stamped or printed the words "See Attached Tag for Seed Analysis," the provisions of G.S. 106-277.5 through 106-277.7 shall be deemed to have been complied with.

(b)        The official tag or label of the North Carolina Crop Improvement Association shall be considered an "official North Carolina seed analysis tag" when attached to containers of seed duly certified by the said Association or when it refers to an accompanying tag which carries the same information required in G.S. 106-277.5 to 106-277.7 and when fees applicable to the North Carolina seed analysis tag have been paid to the Commissioner.

(c)        The label requirements for peanuts, cotton and tobacco seed may be limited to:

(1)        Lot identification.

(2)        Origin, if known. If unknown, so stated.

(3)        Commonly accepted name of kind and variety.

(4)        Name and number per pound of noxious-weed seeds.

(5)        Percentage of germination with month and year of tests.

(6)        Name and address of person who labeled said seed or who sells, offers, or exposes said seed for sale.

(d)       The provisions of G.S. 106-277.3 through 106-277.7 do not apply:

(1)        To seed or grain sold or represented to be sold for purposes other than for seeding provided that said seed is labeled "not for seeding purposes" and that the vendor shall make it unmistakably clear to the purchaser of such seed or grain that it is not for seeding purposes.

(2)        To seed for conditioning when consigned to, being transported to or stored in an approved  conditioning establishment, provided that the invoice or labeling accompanying said seed bears the statement "seed for conditioning" and provided further that other labeling or representation which may be made with respect to the unlearned or  unconditioned seed shall be subject to this Article.

(3)        To seed sold by a farmer grower to a seed dealer or conditioner, or to seed in storage in or consigned to a seed-cleaning or conditioning plant; provided that any labeling or other representation which may be made with respect to the unlearned or unconditioned seed shall be subject to this Article.

(4)        To any carrier in respect to any seed or screenings transported or delivered for transportation in the ordinary course of its business as a carrier; provided that such carrier is not engaged in producing, conditioning, or marketing agricultural or vegetable seeds subject to provisions of this Article.

(e)        No person shall be subject to the penalties of this Article for having sold, offered or exposed for sale in this State any agricultural or vegetable seeds which were incorrectly labeled or represented as to origin, kind or variety when such seeds cannot be identified by examination thereof unless such person has failed to obtain an invoice or grower's declaration giving origin, kind and variety or to take such other precautions as may be necessary to insure the identity to be that stated.  (1941, c. 114, s. 4; 1943, c. 203, s. 2; 1945, c. 828; 1949, c. 725; 1959, c. 585, s. 1; 1963, c. 1182; 2009-455, ss. 7, 8.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014