North Carolina General Statutes § 110-105.2 Abuse and neglect violations

(a)        For purposes of this Article, child abuse and neglect, as defined in G.S. 7B-101 and in G.S. 14-318.2 and G.S. 14-318.4, occurring in child care facilities, are violations of the licensure standards and of the licensure law. The Department, local departments of social services, and local law enforcement personnel shall cooperate with the medical community to ensure that reports of child abuse or neglect in child care facilities are properly investigated.

(b)        When an investigation pursuant to G.S. 110-105(a)(3) substantiates that child abuse or neglect did occur in a child care facility, the Department may issue a written warning which shall specify any corrective action to be taken by the operator. The Department shall make an unannounced visit within one month after issuance of the written warning to determine whether the corrective action has occurred. If the corrective action has not occurred, then the Department may issue a special provisional license.

(c)        When the Department issues a special provisional license pursuant to this section, the Department shall send a letter which states the reasons for the special provisional status, and the license shall specify corrective action that shall be taken by the operator. A special provisional license issued pursuant to this section shall be in effect for no more than six months from issuance. The operator shall post, where parents can see them, the letter stating the reasons for the special provisional status and the special provisional license. Under the terms of the special provisional license, the Secretary may limit enrollment of new children until satisfied the abusive or neglectful situation no longer exists. The Department shall make unannounced visits as often as the Department believes it is necessary during the period the special provisional license is in effect.

(d)       Specific corrective action required by a written warning, special provisional license, or any other administrative penalty authorized by this Article may include the permanent removal of the substantiated abuser or neglecter from child care.

(e)        Nothing in this section shall restrict the Secretary from using any other statutory or administrative remedies available. (1985, c. 757, s. 156(w); 1987, c. 788, s. 19; 1997-506, s. 25; 1998-202, s. 13(x); 2003-407, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014