North Carolina General Statutes § 116-18 Information Center established

The Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina, with the cooperation of other concerned organizations, shall establish, as a function of the Board, an Educational Opportunities Information Center to provide information and assistance to prospective college and university students and to the several institutions, both public and private, on matters regarding student admissions, transfers and enrollments. The public institutions shall cooperate with the Center by furnishing such nonconfidential information as may assist the Center in the performance of its duties. Similar cooperation shall be requested of the private institutions in the State.

An applicant for admission to an institution who is not offered admission may request that the institution send to the Center appropriate nonconfidential information concerning his application. The Center may, at its discretion and with permission of the applicant, direct the attention of the applicant to other institutions and the attention of other institutions to the applicant. The Center is authorized to conduct such studies and analyses of admissions, transfers and enrollments as may be deemed appropriate. (1971, c. 1086, s. 1; c. 1244, s. 4.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014