North Carolina General Statutes § 116-30.3B Energy conservation savings

(a)        In addition to the funds carried forward under G.S. 116-30.3, the General Fund current operations appropriations credit balance remaining at the end of each fiscal year for utilities of a constituent institution that is energy savings realized from implementing an energy conservation measure shall be carried forward by the institution to the next fiscal year. Sixty percent (60%) of the energy savings realized shall be utilized for energy conservation measures by that institution. The use of funds under this section shall be limited to onetime capital and operating expenditures that will not impose additional financial obligations on the State. The Director of the Budget, under the authority set forth in G.S. 143C-6-2, shall establish the General Fund current operations credit balance remaining in each budget code of each institution.

(b)        It is the intent of the General Assembly that appropriations to the Board of Governors on behalf of a constituent institution not be reduced as a result of the institution's realization of energy savings. Instead, the General Assembly intends that the amount of appropriations be determined as if no energy savings had been realized. The Director of the Budget shall not decrease the recommended continuation budget requirements for utilities for constituent institutions by the amount of energy savings realized from implementing energy conservation measures, including savings achieved through a guaranteed energy savings contract.

(c)        Constituent institutions shall submit annual reports on the use of funds authorized pursuant to this section as required under G.S. 143-64.12.

(d)       As used in this section, "energy savings," "guaranteed energy savings contract," and "energy conservation measure" have the same meaning as in G.S. 143-64.17.  (2010-196, s. 1; 2011-145, s. 9.6D(c).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014