North Carolina General Statutes § 120-70.156 (Expires July 1, 2023) Purpose and powers of Committee

(a) Purpose. - The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Unemployment Insurance is directed to study and review all unemployment insurance matters, workforce development programs, and reemployment assistance efforts of the State. The following duties and powers, which are enumerated by way of illustration, shall be liberally construed to provide maximum review by the Committee of these matters:

(1) Study the unemployment insurance laws of North Carolina and the administration of those laws.

(2) Review the State's unemployment insurance laws to determine which laws need clarification, technical amendment, repeal, or other change to make the laws concise, intelligible, and easy to administer.

(3) Monitor the payment of the debt owed by the Unemployment Trust Fund to the federal government.

(4) Review and determine the adequacy of the balances in the Unemployment Trust Fund and the Unemployment Insurance Reserve Fund.

(5) Study the workforce development programs and reemployment assistance efforts of the Division of Workforce Solutions of the Department of Commerce.

(6) Call upon the Department of Commerce to cooperate with it in the study of the unemployment insurance laws and the workforce development efforts of the State.

(b) The Committee may report its findings and recommendations to any regular session of the General Assembly. A report to the General Assembly may contain any legislation needed to implement a recommendation of the Committee. (2013-2, s. 10; 2013-224, s. 19.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014