North Carolina General Statutes § 122A-5.5 Rehabilitation Loan Authority

(a)        In order to effectuate the authority of the Agency to participate in commitments to purchase and to purchase mortgage loans for the rehabilitation of existing residential housing the Agency is hereby empowered to adopt, modify or repeal rules and regulations governing the making or participation in the making of mortgage loans and the purchase or participation in commitments for the purchase of mortgage loans for the rehabilitation of existing residential housing.

(b)        The rules and regulations of the Agency adopted pursuant to this section shall provide at a minimum that:

(1)        Rehabilitation mortgage loans shall be for the purpose of owner-financed improvements to or renovation of residential housing;

(2)        Requirements for eligibility for rehabilitation mortgage loans shall be consistent with all applicable federal laws and regulations governing bonds for rehabilitation mortgage loans in order to insure that such bonds are exempt from taxation. (1981, c. 344, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014