North Carolina General Statutes § 135-48.32 Contracts to provide benefits

The Plan benefits shall be provided under contracts between the Plan and the claims processors selected by the Plan. The State Treasurer may contract with a pharmacy benefits manager to administer pharmacy benefits under the Plan. Such contracts shall include the applicable provisions of this Article and the description of the Plan in the request for proposal, and shall be administered by the respective claims processor or Pharmacy Benefits Manager, which will determine benefits and other questions arising thereunder. The contracts necessarily will conform to applicable State law. If any of the provisions of this Article and the request for proposals must be modified for inclusion in the contract because of State law, such modification shall be made. The State Treasurer shall ensure that the terms of the contract between the Plan and the Plan's Claims Processing Contractor, the Pharmacy Benefit Manager, and the Disease Management Contractor require the contractor to provide the following:

(1)        Detailed billing by each entity showing itemized cost information, including individual administrative services provided;

(2)        Transactional data; and

(3)        The cost to the Plan for each administrative function performed by the contractor.  (2008-168, s. 3(c); 2009-16, ss. 2(f), 5(h); 2009-281, s. 1; 2009-313, s. 2; 2010-194, s. 18(b); 2011-85, ss. 2.6(a), 2.10.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014