North Carolina General Statutes § 143B-146.6 Assistance teams; review by State Board

(a)        The State Board may assign an assistance team to any school identified as low-performing under this Part or to any other school that the State Board determines would benefit from an assistance team. The State Board shall give priority to low-performing schools in which the educational performance of the students is declining. The Department shall, with the approval of the Secretary, provide staff as needed and requested by an assistance team.

(b)        When assigned to an identified low-performing school, an assistance team shall:

(1)        Review and investigate all facets of school operations, including instructional and residential, and assist in developing recommendations for improving student performance at that school.

(2)        Evaluate at least semiannually the principal and instructional personnel assigned to the school and make findings and recommendations concerning their performance.

(3)        Collaborate with school staff, the Department, and the Secretary in the design, implementation, and monitoring of a plan that, if fully implemented, can reasonably be expected to alleviate problems and improve student performance at that school.

(4)        Make recommendations as the school develops and implements this plan.

(5)        Review the school's progress.

(6)        Report, as appropriate, to the Secretary, the State Board, and the parents on the school's progress. If an assistance team determines that an accepted school improvement plan developed under G.S. 143B-146.12 is impeding student performance at a school, the team may recommend to the Secretary that he vacate the relevant portions of that plan and direct the school to revise those portions.

(c)        If a participating school fails to improve student performance after assistance is provided under this section, the assistance team may recommend that the assistance continue or that the Secretary take further action under G.S. 143B-146.7.

(d)       The Secretary, in consultation with the State Board, shall annually review the progress made in identified low-performing schools. (1998-131, s. 5; 2005-195, s. 4; 2011-145, s. 7.13(u); 2011-391, s. 14(b).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014