North Carolina General Statutes § 143B-807 Authority to contract with other entities

(a)        The Division may contract with any governmental agency, person, or association for the accomplishment of its duties and responsibilities. The expenditure of funds under these contracts shall be for the purposes for which the funds were appropriated and not otherwise prohibited by law.

(b)        The Division may enter into contracts with, and act as intermediary between, any federal government agency and any county of this State for the purpose of assisting the county to recover monies expended by a county-funded financial assistance program. As a condition of assistance, the county shall agree to hold and save harmless the Division against any claims, loss, or expense which the Division might incur under the contracts by reason of any erroneous, unlawful, or tortious act or omission of the county or its officials, agents, or employees.

(c)        The Division and any other appropriate State or local agency may purchase services from public or private agencies providing delinquency prevention programs or juvenile court services, including parenting responsibility classes. The programs shall meet State standards. As institutional populations are reduced, the Division may divert State funds appropriated for institutional programs to purchase the services under the Executive Budget Act.

(d)       Each programmatic, residential, and service contract or agreement entered into by the Division shall include a cooperation clause to ensure compliance with the Division's quality assurance requirements and cost-accounting requirements.  (1998-202, s. 1(b); 2000-137, s. 1(b); 2011-145, s. 19.1(l), (t).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014