North Carolina General Statutes § 143B-95 Edenton Historical Commission - creation, purposes and powers

There is hereby recreated the Edenton Historical Commission. The purposes of the Commission are to effect and encourage preservation, restoration, and appropriate presentation of the Town of Edenton and Chowan County, as a historic, educational, and aesthetic place, to the benefit of the citizens of the place and the State and of visitors. To accomplish its purposes, the Commission has the following powers and responsibilities:

(1)        To acquire, hold, and dispose of title to or interests in historic properties in the Town of Edenton and County of Chowan and to repair, restore, and otherwise improve the properties, and to maintain them;

(2)        To acquire, hold, and dispose of title to or interests in other land there, upon which historic structures have been or shall be relocated, and to improve the land and maintain it;

(3)        To acquire, hold, and dispose of suitable furnishings for the historic properties, and to provide and maintain suitable gardens for them;

(4)        To develop and maintain one or more collections of historic objects and things pertinent to the history of the town and county, to acquire, hold, and dispose of the items, and to preserve and display them;

(5)        To develop and conduct appropriate programs, under the name "Historic Edenton" or otherwise, for the convenient presentation and interpretation of the properties and collections to citizens and visitors, as places and things of historic, educational, and aesthetic value;

(6)        To conduct programs for the fostering of research, for the encouragement of preservation, and for the increase of knowledge available to the local citizens and the visitors in matters pertaining to the history of the town and county;

(7)        To cooperate with the Secretary and Department of Cultural Resources and with appropriate associations, governments, governmental agencies, persons, and other entities, and to assist and advise them, toward the furtherance of the Commission's purposes;

(8)        To solicit gifts and grants toward the furtherance of these purposes and the exercise of these powers;

(9)        To conduct other programs and do other things appropriate and reasonably necessary to the accomplishment of the purposes and the exercise of the powers; and

(10)      To adopt and enforce any bylaws and rules that the Commission deems beneficial and proper. (1973, c. 476, s. 90; 1979, c. 733, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014