North Carolina General Statutes § 146-61 Civil action to vacate grant

When any person claiming title to lands under a grant or patent from the King of Great Britain, any of the lords proprietors of North Carolina, or from the State of North Carolina, shall consider himself aggrieved by any grant or patent issued or made since July 4, 1776, to any other person, against law or obtained by false suggestions, surprise, or fraud, the person aggrieved may bring a civil action in the superior court for the county in which such land may be, together with an authenticated copy of such grant or patent, briefly stating the grounds whereon such patent should be repealed and vacated, whereupon the grantee, patentee, or the person, owner, or claimant under such grant or patent, shall be required to show cause why the same shall not be repealed and vacated. (R.C., c. 42, s. 29; Code, s. 2786; Rev., s. 1748; C.S., s. 7594; G.S., s. 146-67; 1959, c. 683, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014