North Carolina General Statutes § 146-62 Judgment recorded in Secretary of State's office

If, upon verdict or demurrer, the court believe that the patent or grant was made against law or obtained by fraud, surprise, or upon untrue suggestions, it may vacate the same; and a copy of such judgment, after being recorded at large, shall be filed by the petitioner in the Secretary of State's office, where it shall be recorded in a book kept for that purpose; and the Secretary shall note in the margin of the original record of the grant the entry of the judgment, with a reference to the record in his office. (R.C., c. 42, s. 30; Code, s. 2787; Rev., s. 1749; C.S., s. 7595; G.S., s. 146-68; 1959, c. 683, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014