North Carolina General Statutes § 147-24 Governor's duties when conditions of pardon violated

If a prisoner who has been pardoned upon conditions to be observed and performed by him violates such conditions, or any of them, the Governor, upon receiving information of such violation, shall forthwith cause him to be arrested and detained until the case can be examined by him. The Governor shall examine the case of such prisoner, and if it appears by his own admission or by such evidence as the Governor may require that he has violated the conditions of his pardon, the Governor shall order him remanded and confined for the unexpired term of his sentence; said confinement, if the prisoner is under any other sentence of imprisonment at the time of said order, to begin upon expiration of such sentence. In computing the period of his confinement the time between the conditional pardon and subsequent arrest shall not be taken to be a part of the time of his sentence. If it appears to the Governor that he has not broken the conditions of his conditional pardon he shall be released and his conditional pardon shall remain in force. (1905, c. 356, ss. 2, 3; Rev., s. 5336; C.S., s. 7644.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014