North Carolina General Statutes § 147-28 To procure seals for departments and courts

The Governor shall also procure a seal for each department of the State government to be used for attesting and authenticating grants, proclamations, commissions, and other public acts, in such manner as may be directed by law and the usage established in the public offices; also a seal for every court of record in the State, for the purpose of authenticating the papers and records of such court. All such seals shall be delivered to the proper officers, who shall give a receipt therefor and be accountable for their safekeeping. (1868-9, c. 270, ss. 35, 37; 1883, c. 71; Code, ss. 3328, 3332; Rev., s. 5340; C.S., s. 7648.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014