North Carolina General Statutes § 147-33.101 Award recommendation; State Chief Information Officer action

(a) Award Recommendation. - When the dollar value of a contract for the procurement of information technology equipment, materials, and supplies exceeds the benchmark established by the State Chief Information Officer, an award recommendation shall be submitted to the State Chief Information Officer for approval or other action. The State Chief Information Officer shall promptly notify the agency or institution making the recommendation, or for which the purchase is to be made, of the action taken.

(b) Review. - Prior to submission for review pursuant to this section of any contract for information technology being acquired for the benefit of the Office and not on behalf of any other State agency, the Director of the Budget shall review and approve the procurement to ensure compliance with the established processes, specifications, and standards applicable to all information technology purchased, licensed, or leased in State government, including established procurement processes, and compliance with the State government wide technical architecture as established by the State CIO.

(c) Reporting. - The State CIOs shall provide a report of all contract awards approved through the Statewide IT Procurement Office as indicated below. The report shall include the amount of the award, the contract term, the award recipient, the using agency, and a short description of the nature of the award:

(1) For contract awards greater than twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000), to the Cochairs of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology on a monthly basis.

(2) For all contract awards outside the established purchasing system, to the Secretary of the Department of Administration on a quarterly basis. (1999-434, s. 10; 2000-174, s. 2; 2004-129, s. 25; 2007-484, s. 20; 2013-234, s. 5.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014