North Carolina General Statutes § 147-33.87A Statewide electronic portal; annual report

(a)        The Office of the State Chief Information Officer (State CIO) shall plan, develop, implement, and operate a Statewide electronic portal (i) to increase the convenience of members of the public in conducting online transactions with, and obtaining information from, State government and (ii) to facilitate their interactions and communications with government agencies.

(b)        Beginning January 31, 2014, and then annually thereafter, the State CIO shall report to the General Assembly and to the Fiscal Research Division on the following information:

(1)        Services currently provided and associated transaction volumes or other relevant indicators of utilization by user type.

(2)        New services added during the previous year.

(3)        Services added that are currently available in other states.

(4)        The total amount collected for each service.

(5)        The total amount remitted to the State for each service.

(6)        The total amount remitted to the vendor for each service.

(7)        Any other use of State data by the vendor and the total amount of revenue collected per each use and in total.

(8)        Customer satisfaction with each service.

(9)        Any other issues associated with the provision of each service.  (2012-142, s. 6A.12(a), (c).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014