North Carolina General Statutes § 165-25 Definitions

The following terms, wherever used or referred to in this Article, shall have the following respective meanings, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:

(1)        "Authority" or "recreation authority" shall mean a public body and a body corporate and politic organized in accordance with the provisions of this Article for the purposes, with the powers and subject to the restrictions hereinafter set forth.

(2)        "City" shall mean the city or town having a population of more than one hundred thousand inhabitants (according to the last federal census) which is, or is about to be, included in the territorial boundaries of an authority when created hereunder.

(3)        "City clerk" and "mayor" shall mean the clerk and mayor, respectively, of the city or the officers thereof charged with the duties customarily imposed on the clerk and mayor, respectively.

(4)        "Commissioner" shall mean one of the members of an authority appointed in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

(5)        "Council" shall mean the legislative body, council, board of commissioners, board of trustees, or other body charged with governing the city.

(6)        "Federal government" shall include the United States of America, the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works or any agency, instrumentality, corporate or otherwise, of the United States of America.

(7)        "Government" shall include the State and federal governments and any subdivision, agency or instrumentality, corporate or otherwise, of any of them.

(8)        "Real property" shall include lands, lands under water, structures, and any and all easements, franchises and incorporeal hereditaments and every estate and right therein, legal and equitable, including terms for years and liens by way of judgment, mortgage or otherwise.

(9)        "State" shall mean the State of North Carolina.

(10)      "Veteran" shall include every person who has enlisted or who has been inducted, warranted or commissioned, and who served honorably in active duty in the military service of the United States at any time, and who is honorably separated or discharged from such service, or who, at the time of making use of the facilities, is still in active service, or has been retired, or who has been furloughed to a reserve. This definition shall be liberally construed, with a view completely to effectuate the purpose and intent of this Article.

(11)      "Veterans' recreation project" shall include all real and personal property, buildings and improvements, offices and facilities acquired or constructed, or to be acquired or constructed, pursuant to a single plan or undertaking to provide recreation facilities for veterans in concentrated centers of population. The term "veterans' recreation project" may also be applied to the planning of the buildings and improvements, the acquisition of property, the construction, reconstruction, alteration and repair of the improvements, and all other work in connection therewith.  (1945, c. 460, s. 3; 2011-183, s. 118.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014