North Carolina General Statutes § 37A-1-104.4 Determination of unitrust amount

(a)        The fair market value of the trust shall be determined at least annually, using a valuation date selected by the trustee in its discretion. The trustee, in its discretion, may use an average of the fair market value on the same valuation date for the current fiscal year and not more than three preceding fiscal years, if the use of this average appears desirable to reduce the impact of fluctuations in market value on the unitrust amount. Assets for which a fair market value cannot be readily ascertained shall be valued using valuation methods as are considered reasonable and appropriate by the trustee. Assets, such as a residence or tangible personal property, used by the trust beneficiary may be excluded from the fair market value for computing the unitrust amount.

(b)        The percentage to be used in determining the unitrust amount shall be a reasonable current return from the trust, in any event not less than three percent (3%) nor more than five percent (5%), taking into account the intentions of the settlor of the trust as expressed in the governing instrument, the needs of the beneficiaries, general economic conditions, projected current earnings and appreciation for the trust, and projected inflation and its impact on the trust.

(c)        Repealed by Session Laws 2005-244, s. 4, effective July 30, 2005. See notes for applicability language.

(d)       Following the conversion of an income trust to a total return unitrust, the trustee:

(1)        Shall consider the unitrust amount as paid from net accounting income determined as if the trust were not a unitrust;

(2)        Shall then consider the unitrust amount as paid from ordinary income not allocable to net accounting income;

(3)        May, in the trustee's discretion, consider the unitrust amount as paid from net short-term gain described in section 1222(5) of the Code and then from net long-term capital gain described in section 1222(7) of the Code so long as the discretionary power is exercised consistently and in a reasonable and impartial manner, but the amount so paid from net capital gains may not be greater than the excess of the unitrust amount over the amount of distributable net income as defined in section 643(a) of the Code without regard to section 1.643(a)-3(b) of the Treasury Regulations, as amended from time to time; and

(4)        Shall then consider the unitrust amount as coming from the principal of the trust. (2003-232, s. 2; 2005-244, s. 4; 2007-106, ss. 48, 49.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014