North Carolina General Statutes § 37A-1-104.9 Applicability

This Part shall apply to all trusts in existence on, or created after January 1, 2004, unless (i) the governing instrument contains a provision clearly expressing the settlor's intention that the current beneficiary or beneficiaries are to receive an amount other than a reasonable current return from the trust, (ii) the trust is a trust described in section 170(f)(2)(B), section 664(d), section 2702(a)(3), or section 2702(b) of the Code, (iii) the trust is a trust under which any amount is, or has been in the past, set aside permanently for charitable purposes unless the income from the trust also is devoted permanently to charitable purposes, or (iv) the governing instrument expressly prohibits use of this Part by specific reference to this Part, or expressly states the settlor's intent that net income not be calculated as a unitrust amount. A provision in the governing instrument that "the provisions of Part 2 of Article 1 of Chapter 37A of the General Statutes or any corresponding provision of future law, shall not be used in the administration of this trust." or "the trustee shall not determine the distributions to the income beneficiary as a unitrust amount." or similar words reflecting that intent is sufficient to preclude the use of this Part. (2003-232, s. 2; 2005-244, s. 5; 2007-106, s. 50.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014