North Carolina General Statutes § 54B-124 Withdrawals from withdrawable accounts

(a)        A withdrawable account holder may at any time make written application for withdrawal of all or any part of the withdrawal value thereof except to the extent the same may be pledged as security for a loan, as recorded by the association. The association shall number, date, and file every unpaid withdrawal application in the order of actual receipt.

(b)        An association shall pay the total amount of the withdrawal value of a withdrawable account upon application from the holder of the account, except as otherwise provided in this section. Payment shall be made in full, without exception, to holders of withdrawable accounts whose withdrawable account totals one hundred dollars ($100.00) or less.

(c)        If an association has funds in the treasury and from current receipts in an amount insufficient to pay all long term withdrawable accounts which are mature and due and all applications for withdrawal, then within seven days after such accounts mature or payment is due, the board of directors of such association shall provide by resolution:

(1)        A statement of the amount of money available in each calendar month to pay maturities and withdrawals, in accordance with safe and required operating procedures; provided, that after making provision for expenses, debts, obligations and cash dividends on withdrawable accounts, not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the remainder of cash treasury funds and current receipts shall be made available for the payment of outstanding applications for withdrawal and maturities;

(2)        A list of matured withdrawable accounts in order of their maturity, and if in the same series, in order of issuance within such series; and a list of applications for withdrawal in order of actual receipt;

(3)        For a maximum sum, set by the Commissioner of Banks which shall be paid to any one holder of a withdrawable account, for which a maturity or an application for withdrawal has not been paid, in any one month; and if the maturity or withdrawal due shall exceed the sum so fixed, then the holder shall be paid such sum in his turn according to the due date of the maturity or the filing date of the application; and his application shall be deemed refiled for payment in order in the next month; and such limited payment shall be made on a fixed date in each month for so long as any application or maturity remains unpaid.

(d)       A withdrawable account pledged by the holder as sole security or partial security for a loan shall be subject to the withdrawal provisions of this section, but an application for withdrawal from such account shall be paid only if the resulting balance in such account would equal or exceed the outstanding loan balance, or portion thereof, secured by the withdrawable account. However, withdrawal of any additional amount from the account may be permitted, provided that such payment of such withdrawal application shall be applied first to the outstanding balance of the loan.

(e)        The contents of a withdrawable account may be accepted by an association in payment or partial payment for any real property or other assets owned by the association and being sold.

(f)        The holder of a withdrawable account which is mature and payable or for which application for withdrawal has been made does not become a creditor of the association merely by reason of such payment due to him.

(g)        Any such resolution adopted by an association's board of directors pursuant to this section shall be submitted to the Commissioner of Banks for his approval or rejection. If he finds such to be fair to all affected parties, he shall approve it. If he determines otherwise, such resolution shall be rejected and the association shall not implement any of its provisions. The Commissioner of Banks shall issue his findings within 10 days after receipt of the resolution.

(h)        The membership in a mutual association of a withdrawable account holder who has filed an application for withdrawal or whose account is mature and due shall remain unimpaired for so long as any withdrawal value remains to his credit upon the books of the association.

(i)         An association may not obligate itself to pay maturities and withdrawals under any provisions other than the ones set forth in this section without prior approval of the Commissioner of Banks. (1981, c. 282, s. 3; 2001-193, s. 16.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014