North Carolina General Statutes § 62A-42 Powers and duties of the 911 Board

(a)        Duties. - The 911 Board has the following powers and duties:

(1)        To develop the 911 State Plan. In developing and updating the plan, the 911 Board must monitor trends in voice communications service technology and in enhanced 911 service technology, investigate and incorporate GIS mapping and other resources into the plan, and formulate strategies for the efficient and effective delivery of enhanced 911 service.

(2)        To administer the 911 Fund and the monthly 911 service charge authorized by G.S. 62A-43.

(3)        To distribute revenue in the 911 Fund to CMRS providers and PSAPs in accordance with this Article and advise CMRS providers and PSAPs of the requirements for receiving a distribution from the 911 Fund.

(4)        To establish policies and procedures to fund advisory services and training for PSAPs, to set operating standards for PSAPs, and to provide funds in accordance with these policies, procedures, and standards.

(5)        To investigate the revenues and expenditures associated with the operation of a PSAP to ensure compliance with restrictions on the use of amounts distributed from the 911 Fund.

(6)        To make and enter into contracts and agreements necessary or incidental to the performance of its powers and duties under this Article and to use revenue available to the 911 Board under G.S. 62A-44 for administrative expenses to pay its obligations under the contracts and agreements.

(6a)      To use funds available to the 911 Board under G.S. 62-47 to pay its obligations incurred for statewide 911 projects.

(7)        To accept gifts, grants, or other money for the 911 Fund.

(8)        To undertake its duties in a manner that is competitively and technologically neutral as to all voice communications service providers.

(8a)      To design, create, or acquire printed or Web-based public education materials regarding the proper use of 911.

(9)        To adopt rules to implement this Article. This authority does not include the regulation of any enhanced 911 service, such as the establishment of technical standards for telecommunications service providers to deliver 911 voice and data.

(10)      To take other necessary and proper action to implement the provisions of this Article.

(b)        Prohibition. - In no event shall the 911 Board or any other State agency lease, construct, operate, or own a communications network for the purpose of providing 911 service. The 911 Board may pay private sector vendors for provisioning a network for the purpose of providing 911 service.  (2007-383, s. 1(a); 2010-158, s. 3.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014