North Carolina General Statutes § 62A-47 PSAP Grant and Statewide 911 Projects Account

(a)        Account Established. - A PSAP Grant and Statewide 911 Projects Account is established within the 911 Fund for the purpose of making grants to PSAPs in rural and other high-cost areas and funding projects that provide statewide benefits for 911 service. The Account consists of revenue allocated by the 911 Board under G.S. 62A-45(c) and G.S. 62A-46.

(b)        Grant Application. - A PSAP may apply to the 911 Board for a grant from the Account. An application must be submitted in the manner prescribed by the 911 Board. The 911 Board may approve a grant application and enter into a grant agreement with a PSAP if it determines all of the following:

(1)        The costs estimated in the application are reasonable and have been or will be incurred for the purpose of promoting a cost-effective and efficient 911 system.

(2)        The expenses to be incurred by the applicant are consistent with the 911 State Plan.

(3)        There are sufficient funds available in the fiscal year in which the grant funds will be distributed.

(4)        The costs are authorized PSAP costs under G.S. 62A-46(c), or the costs are for consolidating one or more PSAPs with a primary PSAP, or the relocation costs of primary PSAPs, including costs not authorized under G.S. 62A-46(c) and construction costs.

(c)        Grant Agreement. - A grant agreement between the 911 Board and a PSAP must include the purpose of the grant, the time frame for implementing the project or program funded by the grant, the amount of the grant, and a provision for repaying grant funds if the PSAP fails to comply with any of the terms of the grant. The amount of the grant may vary among grantees. If the grant is intended to promote the deployment of enhanced 911 service in a rural area of the State, the grant agreement must specify how the funds will assist with this goal. The 911 Board must publish one or more notices each fiscal year advertising the availability of grants from the PSAP Grant and Statewide 911 Projects Account and detailing the application process, including the deadline for submitting applications, any required documents specifying costs, either incurred or anticipated, and evidence demonstrating the need for the grant. Any grant funds awarded to PSAPs under this section are in addition to any funds reimbursed under G.S. 62A-46.

(d)       Statewide 911 Projects. - The 911 Board may use funds from the Account for a statewide project if the Board determines the project meets all of the following requirements:

(1)        The project is consistent with the 911 plan.

(2)        The project is cost-effective and efficient when compared to the aggregated costs incurred by primary PSAPs for implementing individual projects.

(3)        The project is an eligible expense under G.S. 62A-46(c).

(4)        The project will have statewide benefit for 911 service.  (2007-383, s. 1(a); 2010-158, s. 8.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014