North Carolina General Statutes § 66-192 Civil liability

(a)        A principal who fails to comply with the provisions of G.S. 66-191 or is shown to have wrongfully revoked an offer of commission under G.S. 66-192.1 is liable to the sales representative in a civil action for (i) all amounts due the sales representative plus exemplary damages in an amount not to exceed two times the amount of commissions due the sales representative, (ii) attorney's fees actually and reasonably incurred by the sales representative in the action, and (iii) court costs.

(b)        Where the court determines that an action brought by a sales representative against a principal under this Article is frivolous, the sales representative is liable to the principal for court costs and for attorney's fees actually and reasonably incurred by the principal in defending the action.

(c)        A principal who is not a resident of this State who contracts with a sales representative to solicit orders in this State shall be subject to personal jurisdiction as provided in G.S. 1-75.4.

(d)       Nothing in this Article shall invalidate or restrict any other or additional right or remedy available to a sales representative or preclude a sales representative from seeking to recover in one action on all claims against a principal. (1989, c. 506, s. 1; 2003-331, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014