North Carolina General Statutes § 75E-3 Investigative and regulatory powers of the Attorney General

The Attorney General may conduct such investigations as the Attorney General deems necessary to determine compliance by all persons or entities with the provisions of Articles 9 and 9A of Chapter 55 of the General Statutes; and the Attorney General may exempt from the provisions of Article 9 of Chapter 55 of the General Statutes any business combination that is solely an internal corporate restructuring which does not effect any material change in the ultimate ownership of the corporation and does not affect the ongoing applicability of that Article to the corporation or any other entity. In performing any such investigations, the Attorney General shall have all the powers given him by G.S. 75-10. The provisions of G.S. 75-11 and G.S. 75-12 shall apply to this Chapter. (1991, c. 440, s. 1; 1998-217, s. 24.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014