North Carolina General Statutes § 75E-4 Enforcement

The Attorney General may institute a civil action to prevent or restrain violations of G.S. 75E-2.

A person injured by a violation of G.S. 75E-2 may maintain an action for damages or for an injunction or both against any person who has committed the violation.  The holders of the voting shares of a corporation that is the subject of a proposed business combination that is to be consummated in violation of G.S. 75E-2 shall, for purposes of the previous sentence, be deemed to be injured by such violation, notwithstanding the fact that such business combination has not been consummated.

In a proceeding under this section, the court shall determine whether a violation has been committed and enter any judgment or decree necessary to remove the effects of any violation it finds and to prevent continuation or renewal of the violation in the future.

If an application for an injunction is granted, after due notice to all parties, and a hearing thereon, the complainant (including, without limiting the generality hereof, the Attorney General) may be awarded costs and reasonable attorneys' fees.

In an action for damages, if the defendant is found to have willfully violated G.S. 75E-2, the person injured may be awarded up to three times the amount of actual damages which result from the violation, with costs and reasonable attorneys' fees.  (1991, c. 440.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014