North Carolina General Statutes § 7B-2810 (For contingent repeal - see note) Supplementary agreements

The duly constituted administrative authorities of a state party to this Compact may enter into supplementary agreements with any other state or states party hereto for the cooperative care, treatment, and rehabilitation of delinquent juveniles whenever they find that the agreements will improve the facilities or programs available for care, treatment, and rehabilitation. Care, treatment, and rehabilitation may be provided in an institution located within any state entering into a supplementary agreement. Supplementary agreements shall:

(1)        Provide the rates to be paid for the care, treatment, and custody of delinquent juveniles taking into consideration the character of facilities, services, and subsistence furnished;

(2)        Provide that the delinquent juvenile shall be given a court hearing prior to the juvenile being sent to another state for care, treatment, and custody;

(3)        Provide that the state receiving a delinquent juvenile in one of its institutions shall act solely as agent for the state sending the delinquent juvenile;

(4)        Provide that the sending state shall at all times retain jurisdiction over delinquent juveniles sent to an institution in another state;

(5)        Provide for reasonable inspection of the institutions by the sending state;

(6)        Provide that the consent of the parent, guardian, person, or agency entitled to the legal custody of the delinquent juvenile shall be secured prior to the juvenile being sent to another state; and

(7)        Make provisions for any other matters and details as shall be necessary to protect the rights and equities of delinquent juveniles and of the cooperating states. (1963, c. 910, s. 1; 1965, c. 925, s. 1; 1979, c. 815, s. 1; 1998-202, s. 6.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014