North Carolina General Statutes § 7B-4002 Implementation of the Compact

(a)        The North Carolina State Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision is hereby established. The Secretary of Public Safety, or the Secretary's designee, shall serve as the Compact Administrator for the State of North Carolina and as North Carolina's Commissioner to the Interstate Commission. The Secretary of Public Safety, or the Secretary's designee, is a member of the State Council and serves as chairperson of the State Council. In addition to the chairperson, the State Council shall consist of 10 members as follows:

(1)        One member representing the executive branch, to be appointed by the Governor;

(2)        One member from a victim's assistance group, to be appointed by the Governor;

(3)        One at-large member, to be appointed by the Governor;

(4)        One member of the Senate, to be appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate;

(5)        One member of the House of Representatives, to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives;

(6)        A district court judge, to be appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; and

(7)        Four members representing the juvenile court counselors, to be appointed by the Secretary of Public Safety.

(b)        The State Council shall meet at least twice a year and may also hold special meetings at the call of the chairperson. All terms are for three years.

(c)        The State Council may advise the Compact Administrator on participation in the Interstate Commission activities and administration of the Compact.

(d)       The members of the State Council shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for necessary travel and subsistence expenses in accordance with the policies of the Office of State Budget and Management.

(e)        The State Council shall act in an advisory capacity to the Secretary of Public Safety concerning this State's participation in Interstate Commission activities and other duties as may be determined by each member state, including recommendations for policy concerning the operations and procedures of the Compact within this State.

(f)        The Governor shall by executive order provide for any other matters necessary for implementation of the Compact at the time that it becomes effective, and, except as otherwise provided for in this section, the State Council may promulgate rules or regulations necessary to implement and administer the Compact.  (2005-194, s. 1; 2012-194, s. 3.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014