North Carolina General Statutes § 95-47.25 Contracts; contents; approval

A contract between a job listing service and an applicant shall be in writing, labeled as a contract, physically separate from any application form and made in duplicate, and shall include:

(1)        A clear explanation of the services provided and the amount of the fee;

(2)        In a type size no smaller than nine point, a statement that reads "I understand that ________ (name of job listing service) does not guarantee that I will obtain employment through its services. I understand that _______ (name of job listing service) does not refund fees for any reason," unless the job listing service agrees in the contract to refund to the applicant any fee the applicant paid to the job listing service if within three months of paying such a fee the applicant has not accepted an employment position listed in a publication of the job listing service;

(3)        A statement that the job listing service is not a private personnel service or employment agency, that no additional fee will be charged to the applicant upon acceptance of employment and that the job listing service will not set up interviews or otherwise arrange direct contacts between an employer and the applicant; and

(4)        A statement that the job listing service is licensed and regulated by the Commissioner and the address at which a copy of regulations governing job listing services may be obtained.

A copy of each contract form to be used with applicants shall be filed with the Commissioner. Until the job listing service receives written notification from the Commissioner that the form conforms to the requirements of this Article and regulations adopted hereunder, it shall not be used with applicants. A job listing service shall not accept a fee from any applicant before the applicant has read and received a copy of the contract. (1979, c. 780, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014