Ohio Revised Code § 2729.01 - Restoration Of Probate Court Records.

When the records, dockets, journals, and files, or any part thereof, of any probate court have been lost or destroyed by fire, riot, or civil commotion, the probate court of its own motion, or upon the application of any party interested therein, may order the restoration of the record of every lost or destroyed will, and probate thereof, from the original or a certified copy of such will and probate, and the restoration of all lost or destroyed administration dockets, guardian dockets, trustee dockets, journals of such court, records of bonds, and dockets of assignments and trustees under the insolvent laws of the state.

Upon the application of a party interested, and on notice to parties interested therein, the court may order the restoration of any other record of any proceeding or document required to be recorded or filed, except a will and probate thereof. For that purpose, if a complete copy of such record cannot be obtained, the substance and effect thereof, material to the preservation of the rights of the parties affected thereby, may be ordered substituted for the lost or destroyed record. The court may issue a citation to any party to appear before it, produce any document or paper in his possession, and give evidence relating to such lost record.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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