Ohio Revised Code § 4511.106 - Local Tourist-oriented Directional Sign Programs.

The legislative authority of a local authority may adopt a resolution establishing a program for the placement of tourist-oriented directional signs and trailblazer markers within the rights-of-way of streets and highways under its jurisdiction. Any program established under this section shall conform to the rules and specifications contained in the program established by the director of transportation pursuant to sections 4511.102 to 4511.105 of the Revised Code and the applicable provisions of the manual of uniform traffic control devices. If a local authority establishes a program under this section, the local authority may request guidance from the department of transportation in structuring, implementing, and administering its program, but the local authority is solely responsible for the structure and actual implementation and administration of its program, including, but not limited to, the evaluation and review of applications to participate in the local program and the execution of advertising agreements with eligible attractions.

Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.70, HB 349, ยง1, eff. 4/20/2012.

Effective Date: 11-01-1995

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Last modified: October 10, 2016